About Khukhrains

Punjabi Khatri  is the community of north-west India that resides at the top among all other punjabis, as they consider themselves to be the kshatriyas (warriors). Among Khatris, too, there is a distinct heirarchy.

On the pyramid 2nd, 3rd and 4th places were occupied by dhaihi garhis, bahran garhis and bahuyeinjiyee khatris. Distinct from these ghars, is the Khukhrain Biradri that is on the top most position on the pyramid.

Khukhrain ( खुखरायण ) Khatris initially consisted eight clans : Anand, Bhasin, Chadha, Kohli, Sabharwal, Sahni, Sethi and Suri. Chandhok clan is derived from Chadha. During mid of 20th century before partition and is largely acceptable in the community (biradri)

Ghai and Gandhoke are not khukhrain clans. They were introduced post-partion and their roots have been traced back from Arora Community.

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