Khatri - The Warrior II

Khatri was the most dominant community (group) of the undivided Punjab. The region is connected with the composition of Vedas, Mahabharata and many more.


Punjabi Khatri are the Hindu people and all most all of them worship Goddess Durga and her different forms, Lord Shiv, Lord Krishan and Radha and Lord Sun. Being Hindu by religion they follow 'Sanaatan Dharma' and worship every incarnation of the trinity power "Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh" and all the lords.

Punjabi Khatri also worship Baba Bhairo Nath Ji and devote Mustard oil or Liquar on Sunday. Also, they sacrifice goats to the goddess MahaKali. Both of the methods were used earlier but today in the modern time the concept have been changed.


Punjabi Khatri belong to the royal blood line of Solar and Lunar Dynasty, thus they were the rulers. They ruled not only as the King (Maharaja), Queen (Maharani), Prince (Yuvraj/Rajkumar) or Princes (Rajkumari) but they were also the Governors (Raja), Ministers of the King, Chief Commandants of the Force, etc.

In the later centuries (around 16th century), Banias (Aggarwal's) started trade with the western people from Agroha (Haryana, India) as theit center. At that time, western invasion was their and khatris protected the country. Later different policies were introduced for trade and even Punjabi Khatris started trading. Around 17-18 century many Khatris indulged in trade and emerged as Landlords, Exporters, etc.

After 1947, Khatris started from zero level, without any land, property, money and currently is one of the most prosper community in India. They have excelled in almost all streams. they are now in the field like business, armed forces, sports, politics, information technology, administration, bollywood and many more. Many of them are self employed and are shopkeepers. They are successful in their respective.


Punjabi Khatri belongs to King Padam Anand and King Purush (Porus). There are four sub categories:-

1. Khukhrain Khatri
2. Dhaih-ye Khatri
3. Baharaan Khatri
4. Bahu-jayee Khatri

Khatris also consisit of Nagvanshis i.e. Nayyar, Naik, Nair.

Among all the khatris, Bahujayee Khatris were much closer to the Arora Community. They even use to marry within Arora Community.

This hierarchy was lost and they started distinguishing them with their regions.


Earlier, Khatris were distinguished as mentioned above but later they even considered the region where they reside.

Punjab region was divided into three main regions and that what represent the punjabis:
Peshawar (Pishori)
Lahore (Lahori)
Doab (Doabi)

Region from Peshawar to Rawalpindi was considered as one of the region.

People residing in this region were known as Pishori. The region mainly consisted of Khukhrain and Dhaiye Khatri. Some Baharaan Khatri were also from this region.

The next region from Lahore to Amritsar. People residing in this region were known as Lahori. The region consisted Khatri from all the four sub categories. Though the number of Khukhrain khatri were lesser as compared to that in Peshawar, but comprised major part among other khatri. Their were also a large population of Dhaiye and Bahujayee Khatri.

The last region is the Punjab that we have in India. People of this region are known as Doabi. In this region population of Khukhrain and Dhaiye Khatri was almost nil. Even their were less number of Baharaan and Bahujayee Khatri.

This again given rise to a new kind of distinction. Pishoris were considerd at the top most level, then the Lahoris and Doabis were at the last level.


Among the khatri, Khukhrain were exogamous within the same clan but endogamous with respect to their group. This means that Khukhrain use to marry within Khukhrain but cannot marry within the same clan.

A person from "Suri clan" can not marry in the Suri clan but can only marry within the other clans of the Khukhrain biradri.

Being the descendant of the same ancestor, they consider themselves as sibling. Thus, each Khukhrain consider every person born in their clan as their brother or sister and never get marry with their siblings.

In Earlier days, Khukhrain and Dhaiye use to marry among each other but preference was given to be married within their respective groups.

More over, Dhaiye, Baharaan and Bahujayee Khatri were exogamous within there respective group and clan. They use to marry within their group as well as within their clan.

Later, Bahujayee Khatri started marrying among Arora Community as many of them were living in the Multan region. Even Baharaan Khatri started marrying among the Bahujayee, Dhaiye started marring among Baharaan, and Khukhrain with Dhaiye.

Today, in the modern world people not only Punjabi but Multani, Sindhi, Jhangi consider themselves as Punjabi and even used to speak same language, what they call as Punjabi Language.

The language of Pishori were different from those of Lahori and Doabi but more of less were similar. Multani, Sindhi and Jhangi are completely different in culture and language.

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