Chandragupta:Maurya or Anand?

Chandraguptawas born in 340 BC was the founder of the Maurya Dynasty. In Greek he is known as Sandrokuptos, Sandrokottos or Androcottus.

King Padam Anand was killed by Chandragupt, at that time the kingdom was divided among the eight brothers. Thus Magadha was disintegrated and became weak and vulnerable. Besides, Dhan Anand and his seven brothers were too weak to maintain peace in their territories.

Getting benefit of the deteriorate situation, the old deserted General of King Padamanand’s army known as Chandragupta Anand captured the Magadha Empire in 322 B.C. and became the King.

Chandragupta Anand was the son of ANAND royal family of Magadha, but his mother was a maid name as MURA. When he became the King, he adopted his Surname as MAURIYA after his mother’s name MURA DEVI.

After Alexander’s death Chandragupta was appointed at different territories conquered by Alexander (i.e. the complete Punjab Area). There he met with a Brahman known as Chankya (Kautilya) in Taxila and then planned a conspiracy against Anand Kings. He died in 298 B.C. and was succeeded by his son Bindusara and then Ashoka (Ashokvardhan)

That’s why Ashoka renamed Mauriya Dynasty on the name of his ancestors as Anand Dynasty which was earlier mispronounced as Nanda Dynasty.

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