Origin of Khukhrain

In Ancient period Khukhrain were known as ANAND. The word ‘ANAND’ was used for the descendents of Raja Ragunandan (ancestor of Lord Raam), that’s why Mehrishi Valmiki named the holy book of Hindus as “ANAND RAMAYAN”. Koshal territorial king Maha Padam Anand defeated Magdha king in 362 BC and ruled from 362 BC to 346 BC. He was succeeded by his eldest son Dhan Anand who ruled in Magdha from 346 BC to 322 BC.

Chandragupt Maurya planned a conspiracy along with Chanakya, (he was a Brahmin and first person to introduc mordern politics) and killed Maha Padam Anand. Dhan Anand being a weak king at that time was defeated by Chandragupt Maurya (previously he was Chandragupt Anand, General in Maha Padam Anand’s Army). Consequently, he along with his seven younger brothers, their families, the loyal soldier and some citizens fled away and took refugee in Punjab. Some other people migrated to China, Iran (Persia), Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Dhan Anand and his seven brothers established their Kingdoms at river Sindh (Indus) and Beas. The eldest brother Dhan Anand became the MAHA (at that time ‘maharaja’ were named as ‘maha’) or King of North-Western Punjab with his capital at TAXILA and the brothers were made Governors of various areas and designated as RAJA. Being SuryaVanshi Raja and progeny and descendents of KUSH the elder son of LORD RAAM they became to be known as KUSHRAYANS or KUKHRAYANS because Sanskrit words sounding “sh” and “ksh” uttered as “kh” in Punjab. Descendents of Khokhar are almost all muslims and Kushan kshatriyas have been traced back to be the descendents of Kush, son of Lord Raam.
All eight clans of kukhrayans are descendents of Emperor Kush s/o Lord Raam of SuryaVansh. They are progeny/descendents of King Padam Anand. Their names are DHAN ANAND, KUAL HARI, SHOOR SEN, BHUSEEN, SHESH SHAINI, CHAMUNDE, SURATH RAJ and SHUBHARVAR who were uttered (mispronounced) as ANAND, KOHLI , SURI , BHASIN, SWAHNEY / SAHNI, CHADHA, SETHI, SABHARWAL respectively. Their descendents later retained their fore fathers names and termed as their castes/clans to distinguish themselves separate from the descendents of their forefathers.

As our surnames and family names represents our ancestors, GOTRA represents the name of rishi, who was the father of our ancestor. All the human beings and other creatures on earth are son or descendents of SAPTRISHI [seven sages].

Regarding, the gotra , Khukhrains original gotra is KASHYAP. Among eight clans Anands, Kohlis and Bhasins maintained their original Kashyap Gotra. While other five clans due to change of purohits (guru) of their times, started to accept different gotras of their own,by the 1st century AD.

Note:- in hindu rituals (prarthana, havan, etc.) a line is spoken . “kashap gorta utpanah” but for other five clans we should not use word “utpanah” (born) instead of this use “dhaaran” (accepted). Because our gurus or purohits given us our present gotra and our ancestors “adopted” them.

Gotras are subject to change only under very special circumstances such as stated about girls , when they marry they adopt their husband’s gotra.

Chadha's and Swahneys claim their gotra as VIRVANS (vats).

Sethi's as PULAST.

Suri's as BHARGAV and Sabharwal as HANS.

Different castes/clans of different VARNA can be of same gotra as it depends on one’s family choice to select and to surrender for spiritual upliftment.

VARNA:- [qualities in our genes]
In the beginning of human creation, rishis classified them into four different classes called VARNA according to the inborn ability, qualities and SANSKARS.

They were designated as Kshatriya, Brahman, Vaishya and Shudra. One cannot change varna exept under very extraordinary circumstances. It cannot be changed in this life because of one’s ancestral BLOOD which contains Genes/DNA Proto of micro vita. Change of religion does not change your Varna. Varna can be changed after thousand years of TAPAS(tapasya) and has been in case of rishi Vishwamitra.

Our GENES control our nature, likes and dislikes, behaviour, and many other things which are inborn. Some qualities can be changed in few years but expert says that basic remains same.
Kshatriyas are considered to reside in heart of lord vishu, Brahman in brain, Vaishya in waist and shudra in lower body. All varnas are of same importance just they are different due to their works.

Brain remains active until heart pumps blood to it. That’s why Kshatriya considered themselves at the top of Brahnams, Vashya are the traders, etc thus comes on third and last the people who serve the society or the service men as Shudra.

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